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Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is
one of the most commonly
detected cancer. Traditional
medicines have long been used for
the treatment of this cancer. The
objective of this study was to
screen the anticancer activities in
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Biolife.2014:2(1) January-March

Vitex negundo induced protein changes in the ovary of Corcyra cephalonica
M. Madhavi and S. Sabita Raja
Biolife 2014;2(1);261-264 [Download: PDF]
The influence of Immunex DS against experimental Hepatitis B   Vaccine on liver protein and DNA profile of mice
Nathanael P. J. R and Vardhani V. V

Biolife 2014;2(1);341-347 [Download: PDF]
Effect of Vitex negundo on the RNA levels in the fat body of Corcyra cephalonica
M. Madhavi and S. Sabita Raja
Biolife 2014;2(1);265-269 [Download: PDF]
Medicinal plants used in reproductive problems of Kolams of Adilabad District, Andhra Pradesh
Ramakrishna N and Saidulu
Biolife 2014;2(1);270-275 [Download: PDF]
Response of Tephrosia purpurea L. to salinity stress in relation to germination, carotenoid content and proline content
Kumari Sunita, Malvika Srivastava and Parveen Abbasi
Biolife 2014;2(1);276-281 [Download: PDF]
Comparative treatment for Paranychia infection with locally available medicinal plants and synthetic drugs of bacterial and fungal microorganisms
Rama Rao K
Biolife 2014;2(1);282-290 [Download: PDF]
Interactive effects between water stress and heavy metals on seed germination and seedling growth of two green gram (Vigna radiata L.wilzec) cultivars
Swapna B and Rama Gopal G
Biolife 2014;2(1);291-296 [Download: PDF]
Determination of water quality index of sewage water for quick assessment of biomonitoring and bioremediation
Ruby Singh, Vinay Kumar Singh and Anil Dwivedi
Biolife 2014;2(1);297-305 [Download: PDF]
Preliminary phytochemical studies of medicinal plant drug of Withania somnifera Linn.
Ch. Saidulu, C. Venkateshwar and S. Gangadhar Rao
Biolife 2014;2(1);306-312 [Download: PDF]
Modulations in the carbohydrate metabolism by nicotine and red grape extract in the liver tissue of male albino rat with reference to aging
Sivasankar R, Subahan M, Khalinder Basha K, Chennaiah K* and Vijayalakshmi N
Biolife 2014;2(1);313-323 [Download: PDF]
Histopathological changes induced by Cestode parasite in  fresh water murrel
Laxma Reddy. B and Benarjee. G
Biolife 2014;2(1);324-328 [Download: PDF]
Carbohydrate and glycogen content in the abdominal muscles of mice treated with Immunex DS and hepatitis B Vaccine
Divya Teja and Viveka Vardhani, V
Biolife 2014;2(1);329-334 [Download: PDF]
Alkaline phosphatase and acid phosphatase levels in the abdominal muscles of immunostimulated mice during Hepatitis B
Madhuri, D and Viveka Vardhani, V
Biolife 2014;2(1);335-340 [Download: PDF]
Eco-friendly management of Callosobruchus chinensis L. in Pigeonpea
Vishwamithra V, Vijayalakshmi K and Loka Reddy K
Biolife 2014;2(1);341-346 [Download: PDF]
Bacillus thuringiensis: the biocontrol agent in a food web perspective (Review Paper)
Isaac L Mathew, Deepak Singh, R P Singh and C P M Tripathi
Biolife 2014;2(1);348-362 [Download: PDF]
Toxicological changes in rice under nickel stress
Jyotirmay Mathan, Monalisa Mohanty, Chinmay Pradhan and Hemanta Kumar Patra
Biolife 2014;2(1);363-369 [Download: PDF]
Influence of phytoecdysteroid treatment on the spinning duration of multivoltine mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori Linn.
Purnima Pandey and V. B. Upadhyay
Biolife 2014;2(1);370-376 [Download: PDF]
Optimization of ingredients in Papaya fruit bar
Sujatha Y and Sayantan Bera
Biolife 2014;2(1);377-380 [Download: PDF]
Effect of UV-A radiation on photosynthetic pigments of selected crop plants
Tumuluri Sreelakshmi and Syed Hasan Raza
Biolife 2014;2(1);381-386 [Download: PDF]
Exotic medicinal plants from West Vidarbha region VIth
V. R. Deshmukh and S. P. Rothe

Biolife 2014;2(1);387-391 [Download: PDF]
Computational study of cyclic derivatives from
pyridine-4-carboxylic acid as potential anti-TB agents
Kandukuri  Usha Rani
Biolife 2014;2(1);392-395 [Download: PDF]
Comparative liver histopathology of fresh water murrels due to Trematode, Euclinostomum  heterostomum
B. Laxma Reddy  and  Benarjee. G
Biolife 2014;2(1);396-399 [Download: PDF]
Influence of immunostimmulant on abdominal muscle aspartate transaminase and alanine transaminase in mice against Hepatitis B
Madhuri, D and Viveka Vardhani, V
Biolife 2014;2(1);400-406 [Download: PDF]
Mitigating effect of activated charcoal against allelopathic stress
Sunaina and N. B. Singh
Biolife 2014;2(1);407-414 [Download: PDF]
Distribution of Ipomoea capitellata choisy var. Multilobata bhellum (Convolvulaceae) in Southern Western Ghats, India
A.Sarvalingam, A. Rajendran*, P. Jayanthi and K. Gurusamy

Biolife 2014;2(1);521-525 [Download: PDF]
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