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Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is
one of the most commonly
detected cancer. Traditional
medicines have long been used for
the treatment of this cancer. The
objective of this study was to
screen the anticancer activities in

The Indian wild silks like Tasar
Antheraea mylitta Drury and Muga
Antheraea assamensis W. are well
known in the world as far as rearing
technology is concern. However,
satisfactory rearing
International Quarterly Journal of Biology & Life Sciences
eISSN 2320-4257
January-March, 3(1) 2015: ARCHIVES
Rearing technique for a wild silk worm Actias selene hubner (lepidoptera: Saturniidae)
R. P. Kavane and T. V. Sathe
Biolife 2015;3(1);1-6 [Download: PDF]

Efficacy of Azadirachta indica leaf, stem and bark extracts on seedling related traits of Phaseolus vulgaris L.
Musthabeen Fathima, Hemanth Kumar, N. K. and Shobha Jagannath
Biolife 2015;3(1);7-11 [Download: PDF]
Biology, Ecology and Control of Weevils (Coleoptera: Curcullonidae) on Banana from Kolhapur region, India
Khairmode P.V., T.V. Sathe and A.S. Desai

Biolife 2015;3(1);16-20 [Download: PDF]
Effect of α-amylase enzyme on rheological properties and quality of betifore-type cookies
Amal A. Hassan, Esam H. Mansour, Abo El-Fath A. El Bedawey and Mohamed S. Zaki
Biolife 2015; 3(1); 31-39 [Download: PDF]
Preliminary Analysis of Diversity status With Reference to Pisces from major wetlands of Ajara tahsil of Kolhapur district, Maharashtra, India
Sachinkumar R. Patil*, S. S. Patil** and T. V. Sathe
Biolife 2015;3(1);12-15; [Download: PDF]
Ecology and Ethology of Crane fly Tipula paludosa Meigen (Tipulidae: Diptera) from Kolhapur region, India
Desai A.S., Khamkar A.G. and T.V. Sathe
Biolife 2015;3(1);21-25 [Download: PDF]
GST level in the abdominal muscles of mice treated with immunex DS and GeneVac-B vaccine
Madhuri, D and Viveka Vardhani, V
Biolife 2015;3(1);26-30 [Download: PDF]

Genetic variability of populations of Nilaparvata lugens stal (Delphacidae: Hemiptera) as revealed by random amplified polymorphic DNA
Deivendran, S
Biolife 2015; 3(1); 40-49 [Download: PDF]
The effect of Cadmium on antioxidant enzymes in the liver of fresh water fish Cyprius carpio (Linn).
Paritha bhanu and M. Deepak
Biolife 2015;3(1); 50-53 [Download: PDF]

Bioremediation potential of textile Aspergillus flavus teak 07 Against textile dye and their toxicity assessment
M. N. Abubacker and B. Kirthiga
Biolife 2015; 3(1); 54-60 [Download: PDF]

Penetrating cardiac injury: factors affecting outcomes in a developing country
Dalia Esam Nasser, Walid Salah Abu Arab, Akram Refaat Allam and Khaled Saad Eldin Karara

Biolife 2015;3(1); 61-67 [Download: PDF]
Genetic variability of populations of Earias vittella (Fab.) (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera) as revealed by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA
S. Deivendran, N. Alaguchamy, R. Geetha, and S. Boominathan
Biolife 2015; 3(1); 68-71 [Download: PDF]

Nutrients and heavy metal status of some dug wells water from Gadhinglaj Tahsil, Maharashtra
Sachinkumar R. Patil, Rajaram S. Sawant, Shobha D. Jadhav and Ashvin G. Godghate
Biolife 2015;3(1); 72-76 [Download: PDF]

Role of myco-communities in the field of heavy metal remediation 
Archana and A. K. Jaitly

Biolife 2015; 3(1); 77-108 [Download: PDF]

Myco-synthesis of silver nanoparticles from Trichoderma harzianum and its impact on germination status of oil seed
Gitanjali B. Shelar and Ashok M. Chavan
Biolife 2015; 3(1); 109-113 [Download: PDF]
Acute toxicity of Profenophos concentration on mortality and behaviour of freshwater fish; Channa orientalis from river Shivan, Dist-Nandurbar (M.S)
Surekha B. Bansode
Biolife 2015; 3(1); 114-116 [Download: PDF]

Natural heavy metal purification from water by domestic plants
Sushma Pallewad and Mali RP
Biolife 2015; 3(1); 117-118 [Download: PDF]
Effect of Cartap hydrochloride and Imidacloprid on biochemical parameters of Cerastus moussonianus
Wankhedkar, P.T and Bhavsar, S.S
Biolife 2015; 3(1); 125-131 [Download: PDF]

Anaemia a Clue for Prospective Risk for Hypothyroidism among Women of Different Age Groups
V. Pushpa Rani, K. Shanmuga Priya and A. Anitha Nancy
Biolife 2015; 3(1); 119-124 [Download: PDF]

Optimization of genomic DNA isolation protocol in polyphenols and polysaccharides rich Withania somnifera for genetic diversity analysis 
Chaurasia Pratibha, Lokhandwala Ami and Bora Madhumati
Biolife 2015; 3(1); 140-146 [Download: PDF]

Partial  replacement of fishmeal with seagrass Syringodium isoetifolium in formulated diets to evaluate the growth performance of freshwater ornamental fish
Poicilia reticulate
Anitha Nancy. A,  Rajareegam.S, Ganesh.J, and  John Milton. M.C
Biolife 2015; 3(1); 132-139 [Download: PDF]
Experts opinion on indigenous child care practices followed by rural women of Kumaon region, Uttarakhand
Tara Negi, Dhriti Solanki and Manisha Pandey
Biolife 2015; 3(1); 164-170 [Download: PDF]

Responses of soil enzymes to different heavy metals
Sonia Sethi and Saksham Gupta
Biolife 2015; 3(1); 147-153 [Download: PDF]

Kumquat As A Potent Natural Material To Improve Lipid Profile Of Hypercholestrolemic Rats
Marwa, A., Allam, Abeer, A., Khedr and
El-Beltagy, A

Biolife 2015; 3(1); 171-181 [Download: PDF]
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