International Quarterly Journal of Biology & Life Sciences
eISSN 2320-4257
January-March, Volume 4, Issue 1, 2016

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Research Paper:
Comparative study between arterial blood gases and venous blood gases in Acute Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema
Sadek Gamal-Aldin Sadek, Mustafa Mohamed Nawar, Salah Mohamed EL-Tahan and Mohamed ibrahim lofty
Biolife, 4(1), pp 48-56. DOI :10.17812/blj.2016.415
Published online 4 January, 2016

Research Paper:
Avifauna checklist of Tillari, Chandgad Taluk, Kolhapur, Southern Maharashtra
N. C. Hiragond and A. S. Lokhande
Biolife, 4(1), pp 57-65. DOI :10.17812/blj.2016.416
Published online 6 January, 2016

Research Paper:
Sighting of Rufous-Bellied Niltava Niltava Sundara (Hodgson, 1837) from Western Ghats: Southern India
N. S. Vannur  and N. C. Hiragond
Biolife, 4(1), pp 66-67. DOI:10.17812/blj.2015.417
Published online: 7 January, 2016

Research Paper:
Influence of Gene Vac B vaccine on the abdominal muscle MDA in the immunostimulated male swiss albino mice
Divya Teja, D and Viveka Vardhani, V
Biolife, 4(1), pp 68-73. DOI :10.17812/blj.2016.418
Published online: 8 January, 2016
Research Paper:
A preliminary observation on butterflies of Rajeeve Gandhi Smriti Van, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India
Dubey Sheela and Agarwal R.K (2016).
Biolife, 4(1), pp 74-78. DOI :10.17812/blj.2016.419
Published online: 9 January, 2016

Research Paper:
Tachinids as good biocontrol agents of agricultural pests
Nilam Shendage and T. V. Sathe (2016).
Biolife, 4(1), pp 79-83. DOI :10.17812/blj.2016.4110
Published online: 9 January, 2016
Research Paper:
A Checklist Of Butterflies From Vikram Vatika, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh
Shobha Shouche and Satyendra Singh Ratnakar
Biolife, 4(1), pp 84-87. DOI :10.17812/blj.2016.4111
Published online: 10 January, 2016
Research Paper:
Host preference by Uzifly Exorista bombycis L. in pure line bivoltine breeds FC1 and FC2 (Bombyx mori L.) and Economical loss in seed cocoon production
A. D. Jadhav and T. V. Sathe
Biolife, 4(1), pp 88-93. DOI :10.17812/blj.2016.4112
Published online: 10 January, 2016
Research Paper:
Some common medicinal plant recurring jaundices disease as future source of drugs
D. B. Dupare
Biolife, 4(1), pp 94-99. DOI :10.17812/blj.2016.4113
Published online: 10 January, 2016

Research Paper
Assessment of hemodialysis adequacy in patients with Helicobacter pylori infection before and after eradication therapy
Nashwa Sabry Bakr, Mohammed Samy Gad, Eman Ezzat El-Gohary, Nany Hassan El-Gaiar 
Biolife, 4(1), pp 100-106.  DOI :10.17812/blj.2016.4114
Published online: 14 January, 2016
Research Paper:
Comparative Study of Fish Diversity and fishery Potential of Perennial Tanks of Kolhapur District (Maharastra)
S. A. Manjare and D. V. Muley  
Biolife, 4(1), pp 107-110.  DOI :10.17812/blj.2016.4115
Published online: 14 January, 2016

Research Paper
Air pollution tolerance index of three tree species along national high way-6 between Ainthapalli to Remed, Sambalpur District, Western Odisha, India
A. A. Pradhan, S.K. Pattanayak, A.K. Bhadra and K. Ekka
Biolife, 3(3), pp 111-120. DOI:10.17812/blj.2016.4116
Published online: 6 February 2016

Research Paper:
Ecology and Control of Brinjal insect pests from Kolhapur region, India
T.V. Sathe,  S.S. Patil, Bhosale A.M.,  Devkar S.S., Govali C.S. and Hankare S.S
Biolife, 4(1), pp 147-154. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4121
Published online: 24 February 2016

Research Paper:
Estimation of soil enzyme activity with respect to decomposition of leaf litter types
Venu N, Srinvivas Reddy, V and Vikram Reddy M.
Biolife, 4(1), pp 155-163. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4122
Published online: 25 February 2016

Research Paper:
Changing water sources in Keoladeo National Park (KNP): an alarm for the world heritage site
Neeraj Sharma, Y.P.Mathur, A.S. Jethoo.
Biolife, 4(1), pp 172-178. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4124
Published online: 26 February 2016

Research Paper:
Giant African Snail, Achatina fulica Bowdich a destructive pest of V1 mulberry (Morus alba L.) by - A new report and control strategies from Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India
Jadhav, A. D.,  Dubal, R.S., Bagade R. P.,  Sanadi Reshma A., Kamble, P.L.  Belgumpe S. and Sathe, T.V
Biolife, 4(1), pp 184-188. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4126
Published online: 28 February 2016

Research Paper:
Diversity and bio-control potential of the genus Diadegma Forster (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) From Western Maharashtra
Sutar Mahesh and T.V. Sathe
Biolife, 4(1), pp 202-208. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4130
Published online: 4 March 2016

Research Paper:
Diversity of Insects from Jangamhatti area, Chandgad, Kolhapur district of Maharashtra
K .N. Nikam and S. V. More
Biolife, 4(1), pp 209-212. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4131
Published online: 6 March 2016

Research Paper:
On a new species of the genus Xanthopimpla Saussure (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) from India
T. M. Chougale
Biolife, 4(1), pp 216-219. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4133
Published online: 16 March 2016
Research Paper:
Ziziphus jujuba - a potential host of tropical Tasar silkworm Antheraea mylitta - Kolhapurensis (Kavane) (Lepidoptera-Saturniidae) under Western Maharashtra condition
Kavane R. P 
Biolife, 4(1), pp 136-140. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4119
Published online: 16 February 2016

Research Paper:
Diversity, Biology and Control of Insect pests of teak Tectona grandis (Linnaeus) from western Maharashtra
S.S. Patil, Sutar M.V and T.V. Sathe 
Biolife, 4(1), pp 141-146. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4120
Published online: 23 February 2016

Research Paper
Effects of soil management practices on the composition of soil-inhabiting micro arthropods
Venu N, Srinvivas Reddy, V and Vikram Reddy M. 
Biolife, 4(1), pp 164-171. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4123
Published online: 26 February 2016

Research Paper:
Reasons for farmers choosing Elephant Foot Yam in Kovvur Mandal, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, India
Samuel. K. Kolli, Ratna Kumar P.K, J. Suneetha, G.Hemanth
Biolife, 4(1), pp 179-182. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4125
Published online: 28 February 2016

Research Paper:
Conservation, Protection and Utilization Strategies for Amphibians from Satara District of Maharashtra including Ghats
T.V. Sathe and R.N. Patil
Biolife, 4(1), pp 179-183. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4127
Published online: 1 March 2016

Research Paper
Evaluation of the Role of Serum Phosphorus and Serum Magnesium in the Early Detection of Post Thyroidectomy Hypocalcaemia
Sakr MF, Abou-Elwafa WA, Swidan AK, Youssef RR
Biolife, 4(1), pp 195-201. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4128
Published online: 3 March, 2016

Research Paper
Notes On Two Lycaenid Butterflies Confirm To Bangladesh
MD. Nasif Sadat, Amit Kumer Neogi, MD. Samsur Rahman, Anik Chandra Mondal
Biolife, 4(1), pp 213-215. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4132
Published online: 12 March, 2016

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