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Research Paper
Fluid balance in critically ill patients, prospective observational study
Tayseer Muhammad Zaytoun, Amr Hassan Dahroug, Ibrahim Sabri
Biolife, 4(2), pp 265-270. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.429
Published online 19 April 2016

In this issue:

Glyphosate (N-phosphonomethyl
Glycine) is an organophosphorus
pesticide with dangerous effects
by enters the food chain of
Ecosystem. In this study, the
biodegradation of glyphosate
herbicide by native bacteria
isolated from glyphosate sprayed
banana plantation soil was
investigated. ...


Research Paper
Diversity of long horned grasshopper (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) in Pargad fort, Chandgad, Kolhapur district of Maharashtra (India)
K. N. Nikam and  S. V. More
Biolife, 4(2), pp 224-227. DOI :10.17812/blj.2016.422
Published online 9 April, 2016

Research Paper
NMR 800Hz characterization, mass spectrometry discussion and anti-proliferative effects of flavonoids, senecic acid and caffeic acid isolated from Senecio leucanthemifolius poiret growing in Morocco
Tarik Ouchbani; Fatima Ezzahra Janati Idrissi; Eric Guittet; Hamid Morjani; and El Mokhtar Essassi
Biolife, 4(2), pp 228-238. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.423
Published online 9 April, 2016
Research Paper:
Diversity of phytoplankton at Shirol freshwater tank of Kolhapur district, Maharashtra, India
S. A. Manjare
Biolife, 4(2), pp 220-223. DOI :10.17812/blj.2016.421
Published online 5 April, 2016
Research Paper
Anti-nutritional potential, mineral elements and phyto-constituents of cucumber fruits (Cucumis sativus)
Ayeni G,  Ejoba R and  Larayetan R A 
Biolife, 4(2), pp 239-242. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.424
Published online 10 April, 2016
Research Paper
Biodegradation of glyphosate herbicide by bacterial isolates from Banana (Musa spp.) Plantation soil
M. N. Abubacker, M. Visvanathan and S. Srinivasan 
Biolife, 4(2), pp 243-250. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.425
Published online 11 April, 2016
Research Paper
Pre-hospital risk factors affecting mortality and impaired level of consciousness in traumatic brain injury: an update

El-Bitany,  AR Marey AG, Farghaly NF, Aly MA
Biolife, 4(2), pp 251-254. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.426
Published online 14 April, 2016
Research Paper
The Role of Mini Gastric Bypass in the Control of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Habashi AB, Sakr M, Hamaza Y, Sweidan A, Tacchino R, Frieg A
Biolife, 4(2), pp 255-260. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.427
Published online 16 April 2016
Research Paper
Distribution of Molluscan fauna in Coringa Estuarine Mangroves, South East Coast of India
R. Rajendar Kumar
Biolife, 4(2), pp 261-264. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.428
Published online: 17 April 2016
Research Paper
Protein level in the heart of mice during immunostimulation and hepatitis infection
Jasmin Gold, V and Viveka Vardhani, V
Biolife, 4(2), pp 271-274. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4210
Published online 5 May, 2016

Research Paper
Fast In-Vitro Regeneration of an Important Medicinal Plant Karaveera (Nerium odorum L.)
Runa Rashmi and Dr. M.P.Trivedi
Biolife, 4(2), pp 275-284. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4211
Published online: 5 May, 2016
Research Paper
Parasitism preference of a Braconid wasp Apanteles creatonoti Viereck (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) towards insect pests of agricultural and forest importance
S. S.  Patil, Ambi Ashutosh A. and T.V. Sathe
Biolife, 4(2), pp 285-288. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4212
Published online: 9 May, 2016
Research Paper
Laboratory evaluation of chemicals against Giant African Snail,  Achatina fulica bowdich and bio-assay studies  on Silkworm, Bombyx mori (L.)
B.T. Sreenivasa, S.H. Divya, J.B. Narendra Kumar and V. Sivaprasad
Biolife, 4(2), pp 289-294. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4213
Published online: 9 May, 2016
Research Paper
Diversity and Bio-Control Potential Of The Genus Cotesia Cameron (Hymenoptera : Braconidae) From Kolhapur Region, India
Ambi Ashutosh A, T.V. Sathe and S.S.  Patil
Biolife, 4(2), pp 295-299. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4214
Published online: 11 May, 2016

Research Paper
Effect of Lead on Growth and Total Proteins Produced In the Culture Filtrate of Different Fungi
Prasannarani Tanneru
Biolife, 4(2), pp 300-302. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4215
Published online: 12 May, 2016

Research Paper
Combination of sodium and ultrafiltration profiles for prevention of intradialytic hypotension and related symptoms
Rania Ibrahim Awad, Doaa Ibrahim Hashad, Ashraf Adel Omar and Ahmed Gaber Adam
Biolife, 4(2), pp 303-307. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4216
Published online: 18 May, 2016

Research Paper
Mid-domain  effect: a test of hypothesis in the natural forest of Gandhamardan hill range of Bargarh and Balangir districts, Odisha, India.
Abanikanta Bhadra , Sanjaya Kumar Pattanayak, Nabin Kumar Dhal
Biolife, 4(2), pp 308-326. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4217
Publidhed online: 24th May, 2016
Research Paper
Morphological  Studies  Of Medicinally Important  Plants Of  Gisekia Pharnaceoides  Linn. and Corbichonia Decumbens (Forssk.) Exell Of Molluginaceae From Thar Desert Of Rajasthan, India
Arora S. and Saini M.
Biolife. 4(2), pp 327-332. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4218
Published online: 24 May, 2016
Research Paper
Characterization Of Physico Chemical Parameters In Water Samples Of River Bhavani
A. Paritha Bhanu
Biolife, 4(2), pp 333-336. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4219
Published online: 27 May, 2016
Research Paper
Protective effect of Immunex DS against Hepatitis B in a mouse experimntal model
Jasmin Gold and Viveka Vardhani
Biolife. 4(2), pp 337-341. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4220
Published online: 28 May, 2016

Glyphosate  (N-phosphonomethyl  Glycine)  is  an organophosphorus  pesticide  with  dangerous  effects by enters the food chain of Ecosystem. In this study, the biodegradation of glyphosate herbicide by native  bacteria  isolated  from  glyphosate........
Research Paper
Biocontrol potential of Cotesia ruficrus Hal. (Hymenoptera:Braconidae) against different Lepidopterous pests
S.S.  Patil, Chandani Kamble and T.V. Sathe
Biolife. 4(2), pp 343-346. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4221
Published online: 7 June, 2016
Research Paper
The role of melatonin on GLUT-1 expression in rat testicular tissue metabolism in metabolic syndrome
Sally S Donia and Dalia R Alsharaky
Biolife. 4(2), pp 347-356. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4222
Published online: 9 June, 2016
Research Paper
Diversity, seasonal abundance, distribution and damage of Jassids to crops from Western Maharashtra
Chandani S. Kamble and T. V. Sathe
Biolife. 4(2), pp 357-363. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4223
Published online: 11 June, 2016

Research Paper
The effect of Aeromoniasis on protein and DNA content and histopathology of muscle and gill in adaptively immunized fish
SatyaLatha B.D.J. and VivekaVardhani. V
Biolife, 4(2), pp 364-369. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4224
Published online: 12 June, 2016

Research Paper
Effect of ageing on endogenous auxins, gibberellins and abscissic acid in three species of bamboo seeds in relation to loss of viability during storage
Geetika Singh, Richa and M.L Sharma
Biolife, 4(2), pp 370-375. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4225
Published online: 12 June, 2016

Research Paper
Distribution and Diversity of Oligochaetes of Tamilnadu Coast, India
Sivaleela, G
Biolife, 4(2), pp 376-381. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4226
Published online: 16 June, 2016

Research Paper
Impact of Starvation on Worms and ionic composition of Haemolymph of Philosamia Ricini
Shuchita Chandorkar, Shobha Shouche, Jpn Pathak
Biolife, 4(2), pp 382-385. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4227
Published online: 16 June, 2016

Research Paper
Impact of weather factors on predatory spiders in Bt and non Bt-cotton fields of Warangal, Telangana
P. Laxman, K. Kiranmai, U. Thirutathi and Ch. Sammaiah
Biolife, 4(2), pp 386-391. doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4228
Published online: 23 June, 2016
Research Paper
Diclofenac induced alterations in the phospholipid levels in different tissues of fresh water fish, Channa punctatus
Rohini Padma and Yalavarthy Prameela Devi
Biolife, 4(2), pp 392-396.doi:10.17812/blj.2016.4229
Published online: 25 June, 2016

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