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Glyphosate (N-phosphonomethyl
Glycine) is an organophosphorus
pesticide with dangerous effects
by enters the food chain of
Ecosystem. In this study, the
biodegradation of glyphosate
herbicide by native bacteria
isolated from glyphosate sprayed
banana plantation soil was
investigated. ...
  July-September, VOLUME-5, ISSUE-3, 2017
Glyphosate  (N-phosphonomethyl  Glycine)  is  an organophosphorus  pesticide  with  dangerous  effects by enters the food chain of Ecosystem. In this study, the biodegradation of glyphosate herbicide by native  bacteria  isolated  from  glyphosate........
Research Paper:
Comparison between coronary artery bypass surgery and percutaneous coronary intervention with drug-eluting stents for Egyptian diabetic patients with Multivessel disease
Mahmoud Elsayed Abdelatif, Hazem Alakabawy, Mohamed Fawzy, Abdelraouf Fahmy
Biolife. 5(3), pp 295-302. doi:10.17812/blj.2017.5301
Published online: 6 July 2017
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Review Paper:
Bio-activity guided fractionation and antimicrobial screening of active fractions from Dioscorea alata
Sudhakara Reddy M, Subramanyam P, Subba Reddy SV, Udaykiran V, Subahan M, Sivasankar R.
Biolife. 5(3), pp 321-327. doi:10.17812/blj.2017.5305
Published online: 18 July 2017
Research Paper:
The Anti-Tumor Activities of Tumor Necrosis Factor Related Apoptosis Inducing Ligand (TRAIL) and Recombinant Fas Molecules in Breast Cancer Tumor Microenvironment
Seham Abou Shousha, Malak Zoheir, Mahmoud Hemida, Yasmine Shahine
Biolife. 5(3), pp 303-308. doi:10.17812/blj.2017.5302
Published online: 18 July 2017
Case Report:
Gallstone ileus: a friquently missed diagnosis, case report and review of literatures
Mourad M and Selim A. Seham Abou Shousha, Malak Zoheir, Mahmoud Hemida, Yasmine Shahine
Biolife. 5(3), pp 309-313. doi:10.17812/blj.2017.5303
Published online: 18 July 2017
Research Paper:
Transcranial doppler as an early predictor of Delerium in septic patients and its correlation with Jagular Venous Oxygen saturation
M. Omar Elghonemi, M. Hosni, A. Safwat, M. Elsakaan
Biolife. 5(3), pp 314-320. doi:10.17812/blj.2017.5304
Published online: 18 July 2017

Research Paper:
Effect of Interleukin-6 on expression of CD44 and CD24 in Breast Carcinomas (Ex vivo study)
Seham A. Abou Shousha, Radwa Rashad, Mai Moaaz, Bassma Mersal and Amira Elsayed Badr
Biolife. 5(3), pp 328-333. doi:10.17812/blj.2017.5306
Published online: 6 August, 2017
Research Paper:
Some factors associated with mortality rate of Friesian calves during first year of age in Egypt
Abu El-Hamd M. A, A.M. Metwally, A. K. Kadoom, Z.R. Ghallab, and E. R. Shehata
Biolife. 5(3), pp 334-341. doi:10.17812/blj.2017.5307
Published online: 9 August, 2017
Research Paper:
Procalcitonin as an early diagnostic marker for septic complications in the immediate postoperative setting after Living Donor Liver Transplantation (LDLT)
Mohamed Hosny, Khaled Abdelwahab, Magdy Mohammed, Hassan Khaled
Biolife. 5(3), pp 342-350. doi:10.17812/blj.2017.5308
Published online: 10 August, 2017 
Research Paper:
Comparative study between thrombolytic therapy and surgery in 30 cases of acute left sided prosthetic valve thrombosis
Mohamed Fawzy, Ayman El Naggar, Gada Kazamel, Mohamed Fawzy
Biolife. 5(3), pp 361-369. doi:10.17812/blj.2017.5309
Published online: 13 August, 2017 
Research Paper:
Incidence and impact of Acute Cardio-Renal Syndrome on Acute Coronary Syndromes
Ahmad A. Ghanem, Mohammed Omar, Karim Mashhour, Mohammed A. Shehata
Biolife. 5(3), pp 370-376. doi:10.17812/blj.2017.5310
Published online: 14 August, 2017
Research Paper:
Comparison between biodegradable polymer drug eluting stents and durable polymer drug eluting stents on the outcome of percutaneous coronary intervention in patients of Acute Coronary Syndrome
Abd-Allah Y. Fawzy, Mahmoud M. Kenawi, Ahmed A. Muhammad, Ayman N. Moharam, Ibrahim M. Attia
Biolife. 5(3), pp 377-382. doi:10.17812/blj.2017.5311
Published online: 21 August, 2017
Research Paper:
Validation of echocardiography as predictor of fluid responsiveness in critically ill septic patients
Suzy Fawzy, Mervat M. Khalaf, Alsayed R. Saadah, Adel Y. Alsis, Sheirf Mokhtar
Biolife. 5(3), pp 383-387. doi:10.17812/blj.2017.5312
Published online: 24 August, 2017

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